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Tri Valley Driving School


Our Instructors follow the following guidelines:

  • Licensed by the California Department of Motor Vehicles

  • Follow DMV Guidelines

  • Are prepared

  • Jump right into the lesson with enthusiasm

  • Make students feel welcome and comfortable

  • Connect with students personally

  • Communicate openly

  • Answer questions and address concerns patiently

  • Praise and recognize student accomplishment

  • Build student confidence

  • Make learning fun

Occasionally our instructor may be running late for reasons including:


  • Traffic

  • Weather

  • Can’t find your address

  • Appointment push back

  • Emergency

  • Won the lottery

  • Other

If your instructor is running late, please understand that they are trying to get to you as soon as they can. They will call or text you to let you know, and you are always welcome to contact us as well.
We appreciate your patience and understanding.


While we focus on developing skills in order to pass the driving test, we also instill driving courtesy.

Cancellation of behind-the-wheel appointment(s) must be made 48 hrs. prior to the scheduled appt.
Failure of 48 hr. notice will result in a $75 cancellation fee. 

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