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About Behind-The-Wheel-Training

Your teenager must complete six hours of actual behind-the-wheel (controlling the vehicle)
training that does not exceed two hours per day. Observation time does not count toward the six
hours of required training time.

Is More Than One Student Allowed in the Vehicle During a Behind-The-Wheel Training

Yes. However the student who is actually behind-the-wheel and controlling the vehicle is the one
who receives training credit. You may request that your teenager receive training alone if you
are uncomfortable with having other students in the vehicle.

Can I Request a Male or Female Instructor?
Yes. However each driving school establishes its own policies and may not be able to satisfy
your request.

How Long Does it Take to Complete a Behind-The-Wheel Training Program?
The law does not specify the time period between training sessions. Check with the driving
school to see how they schedule their training sessions. The time period between training
sessions should allow enough time for practicing with your teenager.

May I Ride Along With My Teenager During Behind-The-Wheel Training Sessions?
Although there is no law that prohibits a parent from riding along with their teenager, each
driving school establishes its own business practices. Check with the driving school.

  • Tri Valley Driving School does not allow anyone other than the student and instructor to be in the car during behind the wheel instruction.


Does the Driving School Have a Specific Route to Follow During the Behind-The-Wheel
Training Sessions?

Most driving schools do not establish specific training routes. You may ask the school to tell you
where your teenager will be driving during the training session.


Are the Instructors Allowed to Take Breaks or Do Personal Business During
Behind-The-Wheel Training Sessions?

No. Behind-the-wheel training time should be used for instruction only.

  • Tri Valley Driving School does allow instructors and students brief bathroom breaks.


May I Request Specific Drop-off or Pick-up Locations for the Training Sessions?

Each driving school establishes its own business practices. If the school is willing to make
arrangements you should be on time when you drop-off and pick-up your teenager.


What Type of Vehicle Will the Driving School Use for Training?
Driving schools do not have to use a certain type of vehicle. The vehicles are equipped with:

  • Dual controls

  • An instructor foot brake

  • An additional rear view mirror

If you have concerns about the school’s training vehicles, you should express those concerns
before your teenager’s first lesson.


Do the Training Vehicles Undergo a Safety Inspection?
All behind-the-wheel training vehicles must undergo a yearly inspection. The inspection helps to
ensure that the vehicle is in safe and proper mechanical condition.


Are the Training Vehicles Insured?
Yes. Driving schools must maintain the required bodily injury and property damage liability
insurance on all training vehicles.


Helpful Publications
You may study the rules of the road and prepare for a DMV drive test by reviewing the California
Driver Handbook, and the brochure, DMV’s Drive Test (FFDL 22) Fast Facts brochure.


These publications are available on the DMV (Internet) website at or by calling

We focus on developing the skills students need to pass the driving test, and we teach them to
become lifelong safe drivers.

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