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It’s always a good idea to schedule lessons at least a week out.

We recommend 1 month of practice time between the 1st and 2nd lessons, and then the 3rd lesson should be scheduled around a week before taking the driving test.

After-school and weekend appointments fill up quickly.

Please try to be flexible. Depending on the time frame, a student may want to consider taking an afternoon off from school or missing a sports practice.

Only the instructor and student are allowed in the training vehicle during lessons.

The instructor may refuse or end lessons if they feel their safety
is being compromised.


There is a $75 cancellation fee for any lesson canceled within 48 hours
before the scheduled time.


Cancellation of behind-the-wheel appointment(s) must be made 48 hrs. prior to the scheduled appt.
Failure of 48 hr. notice will result in a $75 cancellation fee. 

Text is often the best way to reach us, as we are out on lessons daily.

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